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VIXX in Advertisements/Endorsements/Campaigns/Magazines, 2012 - 2013

  1. Junior Magazine Sep. 17, 2012
  2. 1st Look Magazine Oct. 10, 2012
    • New Idol VIXX (Youtube) video from 1stLookTV
    • Link to Interview in 1st Look Online Magazine (Korean)
  3. Haru Hana Magazine Dec. 13, 2012
  4. SBS Inkigayo Traffic Safety Song - Jun. 23, 2013
  5. K-Wave Magazine July 2013 Issue Youtube Teaser
  6. SBS Inkigayo Energy Conservation Song - Aug. 11, 2013
  7. tbc

VIXX with Other Artists, Collaborations: 2012 - 2013

  1. Because It's Christmas
    • Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Lee Seok Hoon, Seo In Guk, VIXX
    • Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart Project
    • Jellyfish Entertainment
    • Video published Dec. 05, 2012
    • MV from CJENMMUSIC
    • MV from Jellyfishenter
  2. Breakable Heart (Glass Heart)
    • Lyn feat. Ravi in live performances
    • In the album, the rap parts were recorded by Beast's Yong Junhyung
    • Inkigayo Apr. 28, 2013 performance on SBSMusic1;
  3. TBC

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MBLAQ - KPop Festival/Conventions/Concerts

  1. Vietnam Korea Festival (KBS)
  2. Music Bank in Chile (KBS)
    • Nov. 2, 2012
    • Quinta Vergara Amphitheatre, Via Del Mar, Chile.
    • Clips from 1004KBS:
      • Ending (everyone singing Arirang and Bounce with Me); Uploaded Nov. 18, 2012
  3. tbc

MBLAQ, Mentioned in TV/Web Shows - 2013

  1. tbc

MBLAQ in Advertisements/Endorsements/Campaigns, 2013

  1. Lee Joon K-Wave Magazine Shooting (KBS)
  2. MBLAQ K-Wave Magazine Shooting (KBS)
  3. tbc

MBLAQ Guest Appearances, Radio - 2013

MBLAQ with Other Artists, Collaborations - 2013

MBLAQ Appearances, TV/Web Shows - 2013

  1. My Love KBS
    • Interview: Iris 2 Yoon Si Hyuk/Lee Joon
    • Uploaded by 1004KBS on Feb. 13, 2013: Click Here
  2. Iris 2 (KBS Drama)
  3. Immortal Song 2 (KBS)
  4. Love and War (KBS)
  5. Golden Camera (KBS)
    • Jun. 13, 2013 Episode
    • tbc
  6. tbc

MBLAQ Reality Shows - 2013

  1. tbc

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

VIXX Guest Appearances, Radio - 2013

  1. Sim Sim Tapa Radio, Jun. 05, 2013
  2. SBS Young Street Radio (w/ Boom), Jun. 07, 2013
  3. Sim Sim Tapa Radio, Jul. 09, 2013 (VIXX are the DJs)
  4. Sim Sim Tapa Radio, Aug. 05, 2013
  5. tbc

Sunday, July 14, 2013

VIXX Music Videos: 2012 - 2013

  1. Super Hero
  2. Rock Ur Body
  3. On and On (Ready to Get Hurt)
  4. 아이돌 하기 싫어 (Don't Want to be an Idol)
    • Audio only, uploaded by CJENMMUSIC on Jan. 06, 2013
    • Click Here
  5. Hyde
  6. 대.다.나.다.너 ("G.R.8.U" aka "You are Impressive")
  7. TBC

VIXX TV - 2013 (Links and Summaries)

  • Started Jun. 19, 2012
  • Episodes uploaded to RealVIXX Youtube channel every Tuesday
  • RealVIXX has provided English sub-titles for all the following episodes
    • Episode 29 (Jan. 02, 2013):
      • Park Hyoshin's concert episode
      • Ravi reveals that it is Hongbin's dream to be on stage with Park Hyoshin
      • VIXX performs onstage with Hyoshin with a cover of "Fantastic Baby" (Big Bang)
    • Episode 30 (Jan. 08, 2013):
      • New Year greetings
      • VIXX New Year's resolution is to reach No. 1: N will treat fans with fried chicken after VIXX wins first place
      • First fan meeting of 2013 at the Dream Team recording site
      • N apologizes for his "I don't want to be an idol" tweet
    • Episode 31(Jan. 15, 2013):
      • Comeback announcement
      • Announcement of official fan club name: ST★RLIGHT (VIXX's stars are VIXX's fans; the fans make VIXX shine)
    • Episode 32 (Jan. 22, 2013):
      • At the photoshoot site of "On and On"
      • Where Ken mostly replies "Yes" to anything Ravi says, and nothing is accomplished in the KenTV segment
    • Episode 33 (Jan. 29, 2013):
      • N, Ravi and Hongbin echo/repeat anything Ken says
        • "I'm Justin Bieber"
      • Members interrupt/sabotage KenTV
    • Episode 34 (Feb. 05, 2013):
      • Ravi & N at the dressing room of a music program with Phantom's Hanhae
        • Ravi reports that N "hacked" the twitter account of Hanhae
        • Cameo appearance of Hanhae being taught the "On and On" mummy dance by N
      • Premiere broadcast of Artwork TV at the 2013 MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships
        • We discover Artwork can move and talk if it's holding a mic with his own name flag
        • Hongbin interviews BTOB's Ilhoon
        • Honbgin reports that he alone represents VIXX in the competition, and he participates in track and field, sprinter, and high jump
        • The rest of VIXX are shown supporting Hongbin from the bleachers
    • Special Episode - (Lunar) New Year (Feb. 07, 2013):
      • VIXX wearing hanbok and dancing "On and On" in front of Changgyeong Palace
    • Episode 35 (Feb. 12, 2013):
      • Lunar New Year episode
      • VIXX wearing hanbok in Changgyeong Palace
      • Featuring Leo's mini-VIXX snowmen
      • Everyone gets his own mic flag (because by Episode 34, only Hyuk doesn't have his own mic flag)
    • Episode 36 (Feb. 19, 2013):
      • Ken sings different versions of "On and On" (including a musical version)
      • Ken imitates the other members' parts in "On and On"
      • The "afro-haired doll mics" make their first appearance
      • We discover that "Artwork" can also move and talk if it's holding a mic without a name flag
      • Clips of N co-hosting MTV The Show with Yewon (Jewelry)
    • Episode 37 (Feb. 26, 2013):
      • Ravi's birthday episode
      • Won Sik Si Dae is formed (Ravi is Yoona, N is Seohyun)
      • It is revealed that Ravi wanted to become a singer after hearing Chris Brown's songs
    • Episode 38 (Mar. 05, 2013):
      • N's news = (1) "On and On" has been remixed; (2) VIXX were guests in Sung Si Kung's "Music City" radio program; (3) "On and On" reached #1 at the Hanteo weekly chart
      • The episode where N threatens Ken, Hongbin and Hyuk with his mic but end up being ganged on by the three
        • Artwork TV reveals its concept: Gather the visual of each team, torture it with the mic and broadcast on the spot
      • Ken reveals the different ways to say "ha" and "ottokaji" 
    • Episode 39 (Mar. 12, 2013):
      • Best Baker episode
      • The boys bake bread for White Day (which they planned to distribute to fans who will attend VIXX's final stage for "On and On") and end up with a big "dalgona" or drought bread.
        • Ingredients: 3 Bananas, olive oil, N's love (Ravi's love, Ken's love and Ken's kisses were returned/rejected), Hyuk's complaint, Leo's back, Artwork's lips, and cinnamon
        • Where Leo ate the food and made latte instead of helping the others bake 
    • Episode 40 (Mar. 19, 2013): 
      • Video became unavailable in RealVIXX channel in July 2013 after media controversy about Ken saying he will "hit their heads" if fans will switch to other idol groups:
        • Soft-subbed copy (clicking off the soft sub will reveal the original English sub) [sungkyu428];
        • Subbed Copy (Viet. sub does not overlay with original Eng. sub) [VIXXVN];
        • Low Res. Copy [lovedwly00];
        • Low Res. Copy in Dailymotion [itsmeHannaMae]
      • "On and On"'s final stage, VIXX's message to fans
      • N having too much fun with a star-tipped wand (Ken: "Sailor moon!")
    • Episode 41(Mar. 26, 2013):
      • K-Wave Spring Photo shoot
      • Artwork TV gets an interview corner (find and interview the handsomest member in a certain team):
        • Hongbin tries to needle information from Ken and ends up the one spilling stories
        • Hongbin reveals he used to live in Buddhist temple with his grandmother when he was little, and he was a child monk with a buzz cut.
      • Artwork manages to get 2 responses from Leo on the question what songs remind him of Spring: (1) "You are Pretty Enough" (Verbaljint) and (2) "Dance" (Clazziquai)
      • Announcement for Ken Day (Birthday)
    • Episode 42 (Apr. 02, 2013):
      • First Membership Training (MT) trip & Ken's birthday episode
      • N and Ken keep dancing to "Sha la la la" and saying "Neo~..." (Youuuu~)
      • The members sing "Auld Lang Syne" 3x instead of "Happy Birthday" to annoy Ken
      • Ken and Hongbin get to wash the dishes (Artwork's soap bubble show)
    • Episode 43 (Apr. 09, 2013):
      • K-Rush Magazine Spring Photo shoot in Japan
      • Ravi reprimands Artwork for hosting Episode 41 on its own, tells Artwork not to respond to N or Ken's touch (for activation)
      • Ravi claims N and Ken became like each other after they were paired in a shot
    • Episode 44 (Apr. 16, 2013):
      • VIXX is back (dejavu) in Don Quijote store (Japan)
      • Ravi and Hongbin's Pooh & Chip version of "On and On"
      • First broadcast of 93TV
    • Episode 45 (Apr. 23, 2013):
      • "VIXX - Live Event in Japan"
      • Performances:
        • Super Hero
        • Rock Ur Body
        • On and On
    • Episode 46 (Apr. 30, 2013):
      • VIXX at Mokdong baseball stadium for the Nexen Heroes Opening Ceremony (Apr. 21, 2013)
        • Hongbin pitches the first ball, with N supposed to hit it with a bat (doesn't happen as planned)
        • VIXX performs "On and On"
    • Episode 47 (May 07, 2013):
      • Parents' day special
      • The boys send video messages to their parents
    • Episode 48 (May 14, 2013):
      • Lyn and Ravi talk about Ravi being the featured rapper in Lyn's live performances of "Breakable Heart"
    • Episode 49 (May 21, 2013):
      • Photo shoot for album cover of "hyde"
      • Debut of Hyuk TV with Hyuk humming the BGM from Crayon Shin Chan as opening and closing song
        • Hongbin and Hyuk diss VIXX TV
          • VIXX TV is actually Ravi TV
          • VIXX TV doesn't pay well
          • VIXX TV is the program that shoots for 2 hours then broadcasts for 5 minutes
          • Hongbin reveals Ken recorded 1 hour of VIXX TV but the footage shown was only 10 seconds
        • Hyuk says Hyuk TV was Artwork director's (Hongbin) idea
      • Hongbin calls N Rihanna
      • The final shot shows the members wearing their Jowissa VIXX Black Edition watches
    • Episode 50 (May 28, 2013):
      • VIXX First Year Anniversary and "hyde" comeback episode
    • Episode 51 (Jun. 04, 2013):
      • Footage from Dream Concert 2013
        • VIXX performed "On and On", "Super Hero"
        • Bonus: Leo with a nerf gun
    • Episode 52 (Jun. 11, 2013):
      • VIXX TV's First Year Anniversary episode
      • Each VIXX member expresses what VIXX TV means to them
    • Episode 53 (Jun. 18, 2013):
      • Three most memorable episodes of VIXX TV (with BTS/NG cuts)
        • Lunar New Year Special episode: "On and On" dance in hanbok
          • Bonus: Hongbin & Hyuk's snow fight
        • Best Baker episode (Ep. 39)
        • Park Hyoshin concert episode (Ep. 29)
    • Episode 54 (Jun. 25, 2013):
      • The Ceci Magazine summer photo shoot
    • Episode 55 (Jul. 02, 2013):
      • N's birthday episode
        • Where Ravi claims they didn't want to throw N a party because he kept asking for one, but had a party anyway because the fans sent gifts and food
      • Final stage for "hyde"
    • Episode 56 (Jul. 09, 2013):
      • VIXX in Indonesia to judge a K-Pop dance cover competition
      • N loses his mic and gets ganged on by Ken, Ravi and Artwork (deja vu of Ep. 38)
    • Episode 57 (Jul. 16, 2013):
      • At Ken and Hongbin's hometown of Jayang-dong for VIXX's last fan sign event for the "hyde" promotions
      • At SBS for the mid-year Inkigayo special
    • Episode 58 (Jul. 23, 2013):
      • Hyuk's birthday episode
      • Treat for BTOVIXX fans: Special appearance of BTOB's Minhyuk
    • Episode 59 (Jul. 30, 2013):
      • Announcements: (1) Comeback; (2) opening of the official fan club; (3) Hyuk will be amongst those who will take the KSAT in November; (4) release of the repackaged album
      • Messages to high school seniors who will take the KSAT
    • Episode 60 (Aug. 06, 2013):
      • Hongbin TV coverage of the G.R.8.U MV recording
      • Kenyonce appears
    • Episode 61: (Aug. 13, 2013):
      • VIXX tries to do the Starlights' fan chant to G.R.8.U and find out it isn't easy
    • Episode 62:
    • Episode 63:
    • Episode 64:
    • Episode 65:
    • Episode 66:
    • Episode 67:
    • Episode 68:
    • Episode 69:
    • Episode 70:
    • Episode 71:
    • Episode 72:
    • Episode 73:
    • Episode 74:
    • Episode 75:
    • Episode 76:

VIXX Reality Shows - 2013

  1. VIXX TV
    • Started Jun. 19, 2012
    • Episodes uploaded to RealVIXX Youtube channel every Tuesday
    • RealVIXX has provided English sub-titles for all the episodes
    • Episode list
  2. tVN The Romantic & Idol, Season 2
  3. MTV Plan V Diary
  4. Mnet Japan VIXX File
    • Promotional videos subbed by kongbini
    • English sub-titled videos by bjmoonice (links can't be posted at the moment - for copyright reasons)
      • Episode 01; Episode 02; Episode 03; Episode 04; Episode 05; Episode 06;
      • Episode 07; Episode 08; Episode 09; Episode 10; Episode 11; Episode 12
  5. tbc

VIXX Appearances, TV/Web Shows - 2013

  1. Inkigayo (SBS) "On and On" promotion cycle
  2. Mnet WIDE VIXX cut - Jan. 24, 2013
  3. KBS Dream Team - Jan. 27, 2013
    • tbc
  4. MTV Behind the Show - Feb. 01, 2013
  5. MBC Show Champion - Feb. 06, 2013
  6. Mnet Music Triangle Pick Me Up - Feb. 06. 2013
    • VIXX Vampires
    • Campaigning for votes
    • Punishment (Feb. 06, 2013 (?))
  7. Star Jik Jjik - Feb. 07, 2013
    • "Yes" game
  8. MBC Show Champion Backstage - Feb. 13, 2013 (?)
  9. MBC Every1 Korean Art Idol Competition, Preliminary Round - May 17, 2013
  10. K-Pop Zone Oh My Star - Mar. 04, 2013
  11. JTBC Hidden Singer - Mar. 16, 2013
    • tbc
  12. MBC Show Champion Backstage - Apr. 17, 2013
    • BTOB Pepero game, with participation of N
  13. Mnet Guerilla Date - May 23, 2013
  14. Inkigayo (SBS) "Hyde" promotion cycle
  15. MBC Show Champion - May 29, 2013
  16. RealVIXX videos (VIXX's official channel)
  17. MBC Show Champion - Jun. 05, 2013
  18. MCD Backstage (Japan), VIXX Self Camera - Jun. 06, 2013
  19. Mnet WIDE Star News - Jun. 06, 2013
  20. Mnet Weekly MVP - Jun. 08, 2013
  21. Mnet Backstage Live in Japan - Jun. 22, 2013
  22. GLAM On Air - Jun. 23, 2013
  23. MBC Show Champion, BTS - Jul. 03, 2013
  24. MCD Backstage - Jul. 08, 2013
  25. Inkigayo (SBS) Mid-Year Special - Jul. 14, 2013
  26. KNTV Star Date - Jul. 21, 2013
    • Eng. sub (link from tumblr: bjmoonice)
  27. KBS Crisis Escape No. 1 - Jul. 22, 2013
  28. SBS Hanbam TV - Jul. 24, 2013
  29. Mcountdown (Mnet) "G.R.8.U" promotion cycle
  30. Mnet WIDE Open Studio, Aug. 01, 2013
  31. SBS Inkigayo "G.R.8.U" promotion cycle
  32. MBC All the K-Pop - Aug. 06, 2013
  33. KBSworld: A sweet message from VIXX - Aug. 07, 2013
  34. MBC Show Champion (BTS) - Aug. 10, 2013
  35. MyloveKBS Star Selca - Aug. 14, 2013
  36. Mnet WIDE MCountdown BTS - Aug. 22, 2013
  37. MBC Show Champion Leader Inspection Special - Aug. 28, 2013
  38. MBC Music Picnic Live - Sep. 02, 2013
    • Leo, Ken and Ravi perform
      • Remix of "G.R.8.U"
      • Remix of "Chaos"
      • Acapella version of "On and On" with Maytree
    • Eng. sub of VIXX clip [MiX2U]
  39. tbc
    • tbc

VIXX - KPop Conventions, 2012 - 2013

  1. Otakon
  2. KCon 2012 California
  3. tbc

VIXX TV - 2012 (Links and Summaries)

  • Started Jun. 19, 2012
  • Episodes uploaded to RealVIXX Youtube channel every Tuesday
  • With the exception of the teaser and Episode 1, RealVIXX has provided English sub-titles for all the episodes
    • Preview (Jun. 16, 2012)
    • Episode 01 (Jun. 19, 2012): 
      • Where Ravi and N are introduced as the MCs; the show shall contain VIXX and therefore be called VIXX TV; the show's purpose is to relay news about VIXX
      • Ken takes on multiple roles as fan and as PD
      • Hongbin is introduced as Ken's fan ("Ken sings really well")
      • KenTV starts
    • Episode 02 (Jun. 26, 2012):
      • NC/N-MC interviews Ravi on his thoughts on being a featured rapper in Ji-Young Baek's live stages
      • VIXX backstage while promoting at Suncheon on June 20;  Meet Ken the sub urban fan who likes VIXX because it is a family restaurant (referring to VIPS);  Ken messes around as background voice actor.
      • June 20 is officially ROVIX's birthday, and VIXX admit they don't know if ROVIX is male or female as ROVIX only has a face.
      • Ravi (self proclaimed main MC) and N fight on who is the hero of the show. Ravi threatens to fire N, N threatens to start VIXX 2 alone.
    • Episode 03 (Jul. 03, 2012):
      • First time we hear Ravi et al start an episode with a "beep".
      • Hyuk is the episode's "special MC" because it's N & Hyuk's birthday party.
      • Hyuk questions why N is the episode's main anchor, looks for Ravi, and says N is just a sub; proceeds to ignore MC N afterwards; is tasked to read a looong fan letter.
      • Main MC Ravi reports "from Yangjae-dong" for the "Music City" portion
        • introduces Hongbin as a handsome "Art work" whose function is keep Ravi from being bored;
        • presents 23-year old Leo as Yangjae-dong's specialty and asks him to sing a song; we find out that "Art work Hongbin" reacts when it hears a good singer
        • Ken presents himself to N as substitute art work when Ravi leaves and (literally) carries his art work (Hongbin) with him
    • Episode 04 (Jul. 10, 2012):
      • VIXX TV reports from a noisy backstage waiting room in Chuncheon, vows to make the show "till the end"
      • N and Ravi have their names as their mic flags
      • CAN's song plays when Ken appears, Exo's MAMA plays when Leo appears; "Art work" wanders off if no one's not paying attention to it
    • Episode 05 (Jul. 17, 2012):
      • VIXX's last day of promoting Super Hero (Jul. 13)
      • N interviews Leo's back
      • Hongbin and Hyuk sneak in to host VIXX TV; Hongbin reverts to "Art work" when N and Ravi take over
      • Fan meeting footage
      • Ken singing a Korean song with an "English accent"
      • Ken cho-pa TV gives a warning to watch out for Jason because it is Friday the 13th. Informs viewers that Jason is white, has holes, and if he shows up you die.
    • Episode 06 (Jul. 24, 2012):
      • Ravi introduces himself as the founding contributor of VIXX TV
      • Ken, Ravi and Hongbin show off their art work on display at the "Batman - Dark Knight Rises Exhibition" (July 16-29, 2012 - Seoul)
    • Episode 07 (Jul. 31, 2012):
      • Ravi reads letters left by fans in VIXX's fan café
      • In reply to a fan request, Leo sings a cover of "Her Back" by Na Yoon-Kwon... and he has his own mic flag
    • Episode 08 (Aug. 07, 2012):
      • VIXX in America for the first time (2012 Otakon festival in Baltimore, Maryland)
      • More than the usual English words you'd find in a VIXX TV episode
      • VIXX rehearsal of a cover of  "Stupid Mistake" (Gareth Gates)
      • Short Clips of VIXX stages
        • VIXX cover "I'll Make Love to You" (Boyz II Men)
      • VIXX backstage after performance
      • Ravi & N learn how to activate Artwork (Hongbin)
      • "Thank You" to Baltimore fans of VIXX
    • Episode 09 (Aug. 12, 2012):
      • VIXX in Baltimore, Maryland Part 2
      • More than the usual English PHRASES you'd find in a VIXX TV episode
      • Ravi claims Hongbin is his artwork and shoves Ken to be N's artwork 
      • Ken has his own mic flag, Ravi calls KenTV a parody of VIXX TV
      • Q & A with fans
        • Aegyo time, Photo time, Super Hero performance
      • VIXX walks around Otakon
      • N & Ravi walk around the harbor and find "230" Hongbins (as Artwork)
      • "we learned that music can make us one, regardless of language and culture"
    • Episode 10 (Aug. 21, 2012):
      • Rock Ur Body MV filming
      • Where N is not confident in hosting VIXX TV alone ("Ravi!")
      • Sistar's Dasom, who is featured in the MV, is VIXX TV's first celebrity guest - and Hongbin and Hyuk need not be dragged in front of the camera
      • It is revealed that Dasom is the same age as Ravi and Hongbin
      • KenTV's broadcast is intercepted, and Ken says this classic line:"Die VIXX TV! Adidas! Nike!"... MC Ravi later threatens to fire Ken
    • Episode 11 (Aug. 28, 2012):
      • Special episode: N gives Ken gets the chance to be main MC in Ravi's place, Ravi threatens to fire both N and Ken
      • Nervous Ken starts speaking strange words, Ravi refuses to help a distressed N
      • The "UUUUU"/"Love Hurts" MV
    • Episode 12 (Sep. 04, 2012):
      • 100th day (since debut) special
      • Ken sidelines as N's artwork (because Hongbin is Ravi's artwork and no one else's)
      • Leo sings a cover of "Though I Don't Say It" (Kim Bum Soo)
    • Episode 13 (Sep. 11, 2012):
      • At the Allure Magazine photoshoot site
      • N, Ken and Ravi greet fans in Japanese
      • N is happy that all of VIXX appeared: Hyuk is dragged to make an appearance on VIXX TV, Leo is caught on camera following around a (real) cat
      • Ken's "O-o-o-ohtokaji" has caught on
      • Invitation to fans to watch VIXX in "K-Pop Miracle Night" in Tokyo on Sep. 12, 2012
      • N and Ravi sabotage Ken TV
      • "Extra episode":  Ravi introduces how he made his "artwork" in detail, and sings "Unchained Melody" (The Righteous Brothers)
    • Episode 14 (Sep. 18, 2012):
      • Video became unavailable in RealVIXX in July 2013 after media controversy about the boys wearing funny hats that had the Japanese flag
        • Subbed Copy (thankful for subbers) [VIXXVN]
        • Low-Res. Copy in Dailymotion [itsmeHannaMae]
        • re-uploaded without the Don Quijote store portion [익별 허]
      • VIXX in Tokyo, Japan for the "K-Pop Miracle Night - Jellyfish Live" Concert
        • N, Ken and Ravi try on funny hats in the Don Quijote store
        • Rehearsals; N reveals he and Hongbin were backup dancers of Brian Joo
        • Cuts from the concert; hi-touch event
          • VIXX stages:
            • "Super Hero" performance
            • Leo and Ken duet, cover of "Listen" (Beyoncé)
            • "Rock Ur Body" performance
          • Brian Joo, Seo In Guk & VIXX, cover "In My Head" (Jason Derulo)
        • At the airport: Ken claims he left his fundamentals in Korea, and Artwork escapes from MC N
    • Episode 15 (Sep. 25, 2012):
      • Thanksgiving (Chuseok) episode, and the boys wear the traditional han-bok
      • Celebrating singer and fellow Jellyfish artist Park Hyoshin's discharge from military service
        • Meet Brownie, the stuffed toy dog that waited with VIXX at the "discharge place" to welcome Park Hyoshin
        • Hongbin sends a message to his idol Park Hyoshin 
    • Episode 16 (Oct. 02, 2012):
      • Hongbin's birthday episode, and the party theme seems to be "Harry Potter"
      • Hyuk keeps waving a wand and uttering spells
      • Hongbin was happy that Park Hyoshin came to his party
      • BTS : We  Kong video viewing event
    • Episode 17 (Oct. 09, 2012):
      • "Rock Ur Body" final stage episode
      • This is the first video where Ken tells fans to not go to other guys
      • "Leaving always means new hello!"
    • Episode 18 (Oct. 16, 2012):
      • The first proper KenTV episode: where nothing happens despite Ken having two artworks (N and Hongbin)
      • BTS of Ep. 14: Ken's ¥1700 Story
    • Episode 19 (Oct. 23, 2012):
      • VIXX at K-Con Festival (California, USA)
      • Rehearsal of "Love Hurts"/"UUUUU"
      • In the VIXX tent: fansigning, VIXX sings "UUUUU" & "Rock Ur Body"
      • KenTV's backstage interviews
      • VIXX's stage:
        • "Rock Ur Body" performance
        • English introductions
        • "UUUUU" performance
      • For Exovixx/Vixxo fans: Exo-M and VIXX stand side-by-side at the ending/goodbye stage
      • N vows to study English harder to communicate better with fans
    • Episode 20 (Oct. 30, 2012):
      • VIXX at the Millenium Dance Complex (California, USA) for dance lessons
        • N confesses to watching Youtube videos of classes at Millenium Dance Studio to learn dance moves
      • VIXX goes to Santa Monica Beach for a photo shoot
        • KenTV interviews members in the vehicle
        • Leo keeps poking the Artwork
    • Episode 21 (Nov. 06, 2012):
      • SAT (Scholastic Ability Test) episode; Ken will be one of the students taking the annual SAT
      • Hyuk temporarily substitutes for Ken as N's artwork
      • Leo keeps poking Artwork again
      • Ken's English message: "Let me introduce myself here. I'm Ken...I want to be a good man in... uh... Jellyfish Entertainment..."
    • Episode 22 (Nov. 13, 2012):
      • Intro by "Small VIXX" (winners of "Rock Ur Body" dance cover contest)
      • VIXX on the set of sonbadak (palm) TV: First episode of K-Pop VIXX TV
        • Where we hear Leo's loud talking voice when he's not in front of the camera
      • Surprise birthday party for Leo (Nov. 10)
        • Leo's family came to Jellyfish Entertainment to attend the party
        • Handwritten greetings from the members
    • Episode 23 (Nov. 20, 2012):
      • VIXX in Osaka, Japan for KBEE 2012
      • Backstage talk
        • N reveals that VIXX attended the induction ceremony of Park Hyoshin as honorary ambassador for the Korea-Japan cultural exchange; Park Hyoshin fanboy Hongbin is happy to be sharing the same KBEE 2012 waiting room as his idol
        • VIXX promotes launching of VIXX goods, where sales will be donated to Salvation Army (VIXX are honorary Salvation Army ambassadors)
        • N and Ravi sing their Takoyaki Song in homage to the famous takoyaki of Osaka
      • Cuts of footage from VIXX's stage
        • "Super Hero" performance
        • Japanese Introduction
        • "Rock Ur Body" performance
        • "UUUUU" performance
        • Premiere of the KenTV Ken Show
          • Debut of Ken's "Ohtokaji" Song (NOT the one in Jekyll album)
          • Cameo by Seo In Guk (who was on his way to reading practice)
    • Episode 24 (Nov. 27, 2012):
      • VIXX in Malaysia for the Shout Awards 2012
      • Hotel Swimming Pool scene
        • MCs N & Ken's camera attack on the others who were in the pool
        • Ken, who admits he cannot swim, is pushed into the pool
        • N and Ken's mic flags are destroyed, N uses an app on his phone to make a temporary mic flag
      • We learn from Ravi that to qualify as VIXX TV MC, one must have a mic flag with his own name
      • Ken's Ohtokaji Song is sung more than once
      • Short video footages of VIXX at the Shout Awards:
        • rehearsals, red carpet
        • VIXX presenting the Break Out Award (Best New Act) to "Masscre Conspiracy"
        • "Super Hero", "Rock Ur Body" performances at the celebration stage
      • Hotel Room Bed scene ("Not a Rated R")
      • Hongbin practices saying "Apa kabar" (How are you?)
    • Episode 25 (Dec. 04, 2012):
      • VIXX in Malaysia, Part 2
      • Hyuk's right hand becomes N's temporary mic
      • VIXX's first fan meeting in Malaysia
        • "Rock Ur Body" performance, "charming time", Ravi's rap, "UUUUU" performance, High touch
      • VIXX tours Kuala Lumpur Tower
    • Episode 26 (Dec. 11, 2012):
      • VIXX is appointed honorary ambassador of the Salvation Army
      • VIXX in a coffee shop, in suits, telling people to donate to Salvation Army
      • N and Ravi declare that microphones complete VIXX TV
    • Episode 27 (Dec. 18, 2012):
      • The Study of Hyuk's Brain as illustrated by Ken (the episode where N and Ravi could not think of any topic and decides to use Hyuk)
      • Extra: the "Behind Story" of N and Hyuk's normal life
    • Episode 28 (Dec. 25, 2012):
      • Christmas in Oak Valley Ski Resort episode
      • N reports that Leo is sick, and explains Leo got sick several times which is why he wasn't able to attend some VIXX schedules
      • N and Hyuk's snow fight

VIXX Reality Shows - 2012

  1. MTV Diary
  2. tVN The Romantic & Idol, Season 1
    • N is part of the cast; this show is where fans started shipping him with Two X's Enyoung
    • Last episode (Dec. 30, 2012): Preview to Season 2, introduction of participating idols
    • The second half of this episode may be considered Episode 1 of Season 2
    • Filmed in October 2012
    • Eng Sub (HDSubsTV1): Part 1; Part 2
  3. VIXX TV
    • Started Jun. 19, 2012
    • Episodes uploaded to RealVIXX Youtube channel every Tuesday
    • With the exception of the teaser and Episode 1, RealVIXX has provided English sub-titles for all the episodes
    • Episode list for 2012

VIXX Appearances, TV/Web Shows - 2012

  1. Inkigayo (SBS) "Superhero" promotion cycle
  2. Mnet Wide Entertainment News May 27, 2012
  3. Sonbadak TV Jun. 27, 2012
  4. MTV Studio C - Jul. 05, 2012
  5. MCD Backstage: Star Search - Jul. 10, 2012
  6. MTV Studio C - Jul. 12, 2012
  7. MTV Behind the Show VIXX cut - Jul. 13, 2012
  8. MTV Behind the Show - Jul. 20, 2012
  9. Inkigayo (SBS) "Rock Ur Body" promotion cycle
  10. Mnet M-Wide Aug. 23, 2012
  11. Mnet M-Wide Sep. 06, 2012
  12. Sonbadak TV Nov. 09, 2012
  13. Dream Team 2 (KBS)
    • Leo appears
  14. RealVIXX videos (VIXX's official channel)
  15. tbc

Saturday, July 6, 2013

VIXX Pre-debut, myDOL

  1. Promotional Spots, Mnet Youtube Channel
  2. English Subbed Videos on Youtube by bjmoonice/kong bini:
    • Chapter 1 - Living together with rivals:
      • The 7 original trainees (N, Leo, Daewon, Nakhun, Ken, Ravi, and Hongbin), and the 3 new recruits (Byeongjun/Thomas,Yoonchul and Sanghyuk) are introduced
      • First profile photo shoot at Y Studio with Choi Yong Bin
        • Daewon & Jaehwan cheat on their diet
        • Taekwoon & Sanghyuk's awkward moments (and Ravi's disastrous attempt to make them "close")
      • Dance class with Yang Wook; Dance practice
        • Revelation of the tension between the original and new trainees
      • First evaluation (with Sung Shi Kyung)
        • N is teased about looking like Seo In Guk & for introducing himself as leader
        • Jaehwan's "mosquito impersonation", and his 4D personality, debut
        • Leo impressed the panel more with his dance rather than his singing.  Note:  He danced Brian Puspos' choreography to Chris Brown's "Wet the Bed"
        • Hongbin is "good looking but can't sing" (he's also told he looked Latin American)
      • Byeongjun sneaks out of the dorm
      • Profile Video Shoot at M Studio, with actress Kim Yoo Jung
        • Byeongjun's return
        • BTS of the video where the trainees are caked in mud
      • First Mission: Gather fans to join Mydols Angels Club (Devils vs. Heaven)
      • First appearance of Taekwoon, Ravi and Hongbin's abs
    • Chapter 2 - Battle Royale:
      • Devils win the first mission
      • Super Hero (English version), is heard for the first time
      • Hongbin looks for the member with the best abs at the T gym
      • The "N will be Leo's interpreter"/"N is too noisy" relationship is established
      • Jellyfish Entertainment CEO Hwang Se Jun announced the debuting group will have 6 members
      • Second Mission: Idol Dance Cover battle
        • Yoonchul (Where U At/Shock) team vs. Sanghyuk (Hip Song) team
        • MBLAQ's Lee Joon visits the Jellyfish entertainment practice room; Lee Joon chooses Ravi as the one who impressed him most
        • The boys perform at two schools (a middle school of mostly boys, and an all-girl high school)
        • The N & Ravi MC duo is first seen
      • Acting Challenge - audition for Seo In Guk's MV (with Seo In Guk & MV director Lee Geun Ho); Hongbin gets the part
        • Hongbin at the filming of Seo In Guk's "Tease Me" MV
      • First Elimination
        • Daewon and Jaehwan are at the bottom 2
        • N, Taekwoon, Ravi, Byeongjun, and Sanghyuk are revealed to be in the top 5
        • Interesting note: the boys' popularity vote from the dance cover mission is shown to be N, Ravi, Hongbin, Taekwoon, Sanghyuk, Yoonchul, Byeongjun, Daewon, Nakhun and Jaehwan
    • Chapter 3 - No Mercy:
    • Daewon is the first to be eliminated
    • Chapter 4 -:
    • Chapter 5 -:
    • Chapter 6: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
      • MBLAQ portion: English sub video by SINAQ: "Part 4"
    • Chapter 7: Part 1
      • MBLAQ portion: English sub videos by SINAQ: "Part 2", "Part 3"
    • Chapter 8: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  3. CCTV clips from deerlovely,
  4. RealVIXX (VIXX's official channel) videos

VIXX Pre-debut, Pre-myDOL

  1. N (Cha Hak Yeon)
    • All Round Player Vol. 2 Wackin
      • Solo Performance Session: Cha Hak Yeon
      • Video dated Dec. 4, 2008, at Nate: Click Here
    • JYP Audition
      • "Freestyle Street Dance" (he is actually waacking), Jan. 10, 2009
      • Copy uploaded at v domadong Youtube channel: Click Here
    • 4DA Next Level 2009 National Championship Season 3
      • Waacking Battle, 2 Preliminary Round of 32
      • Cha Hak Yeon vs. Yoo So Won
      • Footage uploaded at zekin1999 Youtube channel on Jun. 17, 2009: Click Here
    • 2009 Korea Youth Dance Festival, Yongsan (May 30, 2009)
  2. Leo (Jung Taek Woon)
  3. Ken (Lee Jae Hwan)
    • Cut from "Nice to Meet You, Senior" (KBS 1) of Second Year Lee Jae-Hwan in Gwangyang High School (Seoul) 2009, uploaded to Youtube by chokeken
    • Member of E.o.SM (4-member amateur male singing group)
      • Dong Sung Ro Power M Song Festival, May 22, 2011
      • June 2011 Performances
        • Cover of "Only One for Me" (Soulstar), video from re-uploaded to Youtube by ir9104 Mar. 4, 2013: Click Here
        • Cover of "My Story" (Brown Eyed Soul), video from re-uploaded to Youtube by ir9104 Mar. 4, 2013: Click Here
      • Dong Sung Ro Festival in Daegu
        • Cover of "Can I Love Again" in NateTV uploaded Aug. 22, 2011
      • Cover: "Can I Love Again" (4Men), clip uploaded by vixxstarlight: Click Here
  4. Ravi (Kim Wonsik)
    • JYP 3rd Open Audition Final Round Male Dance Team Dance Mix
  5. Jellyfish Entertainment Trainee days
    • Music Video - "Shake It Up"
      • Seo In Guk (서인국), digital single
      • N, Leo and Ravi, including MyDol batchmate Nak Hun, are extras in the party scene
      • Watch from Jellyfishenter Youtube channel (uploaded Aug. 08, 2011): Click Here
        • Watch Behind-The-Scene clip (uploaded Aug. 12, 2011): Click Here
      • Watch "Director's Cut" from irexfilm Youtube channel (uploaded Feb. 15, 2012): Click Here
        • Watch "Director's Cut" teaser (uploaded Nov. 11, 2011): Click Here
    • 2PM stage at KBS Gayo Daejun 2011
      • 2 PM performs "hip-hop version" of "Electricity" and "Hands Up", Dec. 30, 2011
      • N, Leo and MyDol batchmate Nak Hun are back-up dancers at the "Hands Up" portion
      • KBS broadcast re-uploaded to Youtube by Kai2dayeo2pm2: Click Here
      • Fancam on Youtube by Hwang Chansung (N, Leo and Nak Hun are seen longer): Click Here
      • Fancam video on Youtube by soulstirringk (mostly Leo, because he was standing behind Junsu): Click Here
      • Short fancam video on Youtube by Honey Dewny (1): Click here
      • Short fancam video on Youtube by Honey Dewny (2): Click Here
      • Fancam video on Youtube by soowf0115 (mostly Leo, because he was standing behind Junsu): Click Here
    • KBS Immortal Songs 2, Dec. 17, 2011
      • Brian Joo's stage: 그 사람 바보야 (That Person is Stupid) by 정훈희 (Jung Hoon-Hee)
      • Ravi is the featured rapper
      • Clip uploaded to Youtube by deerlovely: Click Here
    • Music Video - "Let This Die" a.k.a. "Taking Leave of You" (너 따윈 버리고), Korean Version
      • Brian Joo (브라이언) featuring Tiger JK (타이거 JK)
      • Brian Joo, "ReBorn Part 1" album
      • Leo, N and Ravi act, each representing one of the multiple personalities of Brian Joo's character
      • Watch from brianjoomusic Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 25, 2012): Click Here
      • Watch from Jellyfishenter Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 25, 2012): Click Here
      • Watch from CJENMMUSIC Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 25, 2012): Click Here
      • Watch "Director's Cut" from irexfilm Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 26, 2012): Click Here

    • Music Video - "Let This Die" Extended English Version
      • Brian Joo (브라이언) featuring Flowsik from Aziatix
      • Brian Joo, "ReBorn Part 1" album
      • Leo, N, Ravi, and Hong Bin act, each representing one of the multiple personalities of Brian Joo's character
      • Watch from brianjoomusic Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 31, 2012): Click Here
      • Watch from Jellyfishenter Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 31, 2012): Click Here
      • Watch from CJENMMUSIC Youtube channel (uploaded Jan. 31, 2012): Click Here
    • Brian Joo "Let This Die"/"너 따윈 버리고" live performances in music shows
      • N, Leo, Ravi and Hongbin are dancers (They usually appear two at a time, often Leo and Ravi)
      • SBS Inkigayo
      • Arirang Wave K
      • MBC Music Core
      • KBS Music Bank
        • KBS has not uploaded Brian Joo's Music Bank performances
        • Feb. 10, 2012 (Leo and Ravi), video uploaded to Youtube by KFlamess: Click Here
        • Feb. 24, 2012 (Leo and Ravi), video uploaded to Youtube by Keith So: Click Here
          • Tiger JK actually appeared here, which calls for change in Leo almost make a mistake at the end (out of habit he almost exits right of stage, but realized he should exit left so he turns around. hehehe) 
          • Rehearsal clip uploaded by IloveBrianGjoo to Youtube: Click Here
          • Rehearsal/BTS pictures clip 2: Click Here
        • Mar. 02, 2012 (Leo, with MyDol batch-mate Nak Hun), video uploaded to Youtube by Kathy Nguyen: Click Here 
        • Mar. 09, 2012 (N, Leo and Ravi), video uploaded to Youtube by bokloveskimchi: Click Here
      • Mnet MCountDown
      • Channel A KPopCon
      • JTBC Music on Top
      • MTV Studio C Concert Feb. 13, 2012