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MBLAQ Primer

What it is:  A K-Pop all-boy band 

How did they come about?: K-Pop Artist Rain (Bi or 비 in S. Korea) left JYP Entertainment in 2007 and established his own company, J. Tune Entertainment.  Its subsidiary company, J. Tune Camp, formed a boy group whose training was actively managed by Rain.

Where :
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Management company: J. Tune Camp
    • When J. Tune Entertainment became part of JYP Entertainment (JYPE) in 2010, J. Tune Camp remained a separate entity.  MBLAQ is therefore not part of JYPE, although Rain maintains a producer/mentor relationship with MBLAQ.  
    • Although Rain was the company's CEO when MBLAQ debuted, J. Tune Camp's current CEO is NOT Rain, but Jo Dong-Won, who had been with Rain since his start in JYPE.
  • Website: 
  • Youtube channel: 
  • GOM TV Channel: 277

When did they debut?: October 9, 2009.  They were the opening act in Rain's Asia Tour: Legend of Rainism..

  • It stands for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.  
  • Seung-ho: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality mean they are musicians who pursue absolute quality (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul interview, Nov. 2009); boys who make music with absolute quality (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009).
  • Seungho: MBLAQ initially meant "Music Black" because their music is based on African-American music (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Nov. 2009; Star Interview 2009).  The spelling used to be M-Black but they changed it, and its the meaning, when they debuted because the word black conjured dark things.They replaced "ck" with "q" and looked for words with positive meanings to fit each initial (Star Interview 2009).

Who are in it?:

Lee Joon




Almost made it:

Kim Sang Bae

  • Actually appeared in the September 2009 Nylon magazine issue as part of MBLAQ.
  • Supposed to be one of MBLAQ's 2 rappers. His vocals are part of MBLAQ's debut album.   
  • Left J. Tune Camp 15 days before MBLAQ was scheduled to debut because of health reasons.
  • Should have been the group's maknae (youngest)
  • Born: April 29, 1991
What do MBLAQ fans call themselves?: A+
  • All current five members of the group have Blood Type A (Art of Seduction, Ep. 1)
  • More on the fandom

On Their Image:
  • Labeled a chic-dol group because of their charisma on stage (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec. 2009); quickly transforms to gag-dol offstage (Star Interview 2009; OBS interview 2009)
  • Consider themselves as honest, without fabrication (ETN Interview 2009)
    • G.O.: MBLAQ has a "dual personality", i.e. they are chic and masculine on stage (when performing their songs), but show their true personalities off stage (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009); They are extremely normal offstage (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec. 2009). 
    • Seungho: they immediately return to their regular/normal selves offstage (ETN Interview 2009)
    • Joon: they reveal their "human side" during interviews (ETN Interview 2009)
  • They want to be known as MBLAQ, the friendly group: professionals on stage but can step down and always be close to their fans (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Labeled neighborhood babos (village idiots) by Jung Joo-Ri (Idol Army V Ep. 1)
  • The five members are referred to as Blaquies.
  • Their greeting/introduction during their early years was "Hello, we're MBLAQ. Please look on us prettily" which means "Hello, we're MBLAQ. Please look on us kindly".  According to Seungho, their debut image already looked tough so they need an introduction that would make them loved/look pretty/look bright (Star Interview 2009) 
  • On having girlfriends: If they are serious enough to even think of marrying the girl, Rain would help them himself, otherwise don't even start (OBS Interview 2009).
  • Rate their closeness to each other 10/10; as of Dec. 2009 they have never gotten into a fight before, and think the reason they get along well is that they're all blood type A (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Rain rates their debut performance a disappointing 5/10; he thought they looked as if someone forced them onto the stage (AoS, Ep. 1).  According to Mir, Rain said they were the worst; the Blaquies admitted they were nervous (Arirang TV: Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009).
  • They consider Rain more as an older brother than a boss; all of them consider Rain as their role model (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009; Showbiz Extra Dec 2009)
  • They like to perform in charity concerts and similar meaningful events when their schedule permits (Arirang TV Gift Concert w/ Unicef Dec 2009).
  • They resolve things through "rock, paper, scissors" (AoS, Ep. 2)
  • They think one should be wordless when eating (Joon in AoS Ep. 4; Celebrity goes to school).
  • Like to nag/annoy/harass their stylist (AoS Ep. 4; Backstage @ Hanyeong's 2009Rock U Show)
  • In 2009 Seungho, Joon and Mir shared the same room, sleeping on bunk beds. Seungho at the top bunk with Joon at the bottom bunk (OBS Interview 2009), Mir was in another bed.
  • In 2009 G.O. and Cheondung shared one room with bunk beds: G.O. at the top bunk, Cheondung at the bottom bunk (Star Interview 2009).
  • They practiced their "Oh Yeah" dance moves for 14hrs a day (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009; OBS Interview 2009).
  • Had a "vampire concept" when they debuted in 2009 to show off their "manly charm".  They did not use autotune in their debut album - G.O. (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009).
  • DJ Isak found them funny and quirky during their interview (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009).
On other K-Pop Groups:
  • Think Beast is pretty similar to MBLAQ, would rather Beast and MBLAQ grow together instead of being rivals; consider Beast as good competition but they won't try to step on each other (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Note:  This page is a work in progress

MBLAQ's Seungho

Stage name: Seungho 승호

Real first name:  Seung-Ho 승호
Real surname:  Yang 양

Birthday:  October 16, 1987
Western zodiac sign:  Libra
Eastern zodiac sign:  Cat
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @MBLAQSH

Role in MBLAQ:  Leader, Vocalist
  • Calls himself MBLAQ's "enforcer" (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009 interview).
  • Also good in dancing: he often b-boys and does popping/locking on his solo stages
  • Has filled in for Mir's rap parts when Mir couldn't join the group while recuperating from his surgery.
MBLAQ stories:
  • Auditioned for MBLAQ in place of a friend
  • The first to become a J. Tune Camp trainee among the Blaquies, closely followed by Joon (ETN Interview 2009)
  • The oldest in MBLAQ in terms of age, appointed leader by Rain and given responsibilities (Star Interview 2009)
  • Was supposed to use the stage name Mir but debuted using his real name instead (Star Interview 2009).
Hometown:  Anyang City, Gyeonggi (Kyunggi) Province

  • University: Majored in Theatre and Movies (AoS Ep. 1; ETN Interview 2009)
  • Senior High School: Anyang High School of Arts (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Attended private schools in Primary School to Junior High School (ETN Interview, 2009)
  • Elementary school: Minbaeg Elementary School/민백초등학교(Idol Manager Ep.06)
Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:  
  • Gymnastics
  • Playing the piano (Art of Seduction Ep. 5; Idol Army V Ep. 2)
    • Learned to play piano as a kid, has a piano room in his parents' house (AoS Ep. 4)
    • Claims he can play the piano while drinking coffe (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Card magic tricks (AoS Ep. 1; MBC's Lord of the Ring Nov. 2009)
Other known talents:
  • Dancing: particularly b-boy moves, popping and locking
  • Rap
  • Beat-boxing (AoS Ep. 3 & 5)
  • Admits he is good with machines (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009):
    • Joon says Seungho knows everything about machines, he fixes not only computers but electric wires and lights as well
    • He can fix a circuit breaker
  • Has assembled a PC on set (Weekly Idol)
  • Playing the guitar (Ivy Back 2009)
  • Knitting
  • Fixing bicycles
Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website: 
  • Listening to music
  • Collecting machines

  • Has a younger brother
  • His clan is originally from Cheongju/Ch'ongju  (interesting note: it is said that the ancestor of the Yang clan of Cheongju is the Chinese escort of the bride of 14th. century's King Gongmin).
 Person/s he admires/idolizes:

Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • Anyang High:
    • Yong Jun-hyung (Beast) was a direct junior from the same major (Star Interview 2009)
    • Park Soyeon (T-ara) was a classmate (Star Interview 2009)
    • Park Gyuri (Kara) was a direct junior (Star Interview 2009) 
  • a

Ideal Girl/s:
  • Actress Jun Ji-hyun (AoS Ep. 1)
  • Honest and easy-going (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Other Trivia:
  • Has a head to body ratio of 1:8 (AoS Ep. 5).  In Korea, one category for good looks is head to body ratio.  The golden ratio is 1:8. 
  • Has attractive, thick/chubby lips (AoS Ep. 5; Idol Army V Ep. 1).
  • Has a "yakuza" body or fat tummy, has a "happy trail" on his stomach (IA5 Ep1)
  • Fans lovingly call him Panda because of the dark circles/shadows under his eyes.
  • Wanted to be a theater actor in Anyang High, dancing was a hobby/stress reliever and was his first job; realized in university that he liked dancing more, took a leave and auditioned for J. Tune Camp (Star Interview 2009).
  • Performed in plays when he was in university, took jobs as an extra.  He was a piano stand-in who got to say a line in the 2003 KBS show Banolim 1 (AoS, Ep. 1).
  • Gets nervous at the moment before stepping onstage, but not earlier (Backstage @ Hanyeong's 2009 Rock U Show)
  • Likes to wear caps (AoS, Sesame Player)
  • Class captain from primary school (Grade 1), to Junior High, until he graduated Senior High School (AoS, Ep. 1; ETN Interview 2009).
  • Has been doing his "grandpa dance" since episode 1 of AoS (Art of Seduction).
  • Spoke the rule that A+ have adopted : "First important thing is manners! Second is manners! Third is manners!" - (AoS Ep. 3)
  • Well known for his love of food (AoS Ep. 4, God of Cookery, Raising Idols)
  • Uncomfortable doing "aegyo" (IA5 Ep.2)
  • Despite being the leader, he is capable of instigating breaking the rules like sneaking out to eat food with Joon (AoS Ep. 4).
  • Has a tendency to break out into a "rock spirit" scream (AoS Ep. 4)
  • Likes Metallica (Ivy Back 2009).
  • According to G.O.: Seungho as a leader scolds the other Blacquies a lot, he is mischievous, and is a miser when it comes to money (AoS Ep. 4).
  • An "early adapter"; will tend to buy computer parts or gadgets when the group is out shopping, G.O. thinks it's like an illness (Pops In Seoul Dec 2009).
  • He sometimes gets calls to visit people's houses to fix things (Pops In Seoul Dec 2009).
  • MBLAQ member with the worst sleeping habit/s:
    • Falls asleep faster than the other Blaquies (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
    • Snores loudly when he has rhinitis (Star Interview 2009)
    • Grinds his teeth (OBS Interview 2009)

Note:  This page is a work in progress


Stage name: G.O. 지오

Real first name:  Byung-hee 병희
Real surname: Jung 정

Birthday:  November 6, 1987
Western zodiac sign:  Scorpio
Eastern zodiac sign:  Cat
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @MBLAQGO

Role in MBLAQ:  Main vocalist

MBLAQ stories:
  • The 4th person to become a trainee in MBLAQ.  He came into J. Tune Camp 6 months after Seungho, and was appointed deputy leader (Star Interview 2009).
  • After his bitter experience as a talent of TY Entertainment, he joined J. Tune Camp because he thinks Rain and his company is someone/something he can trust.
  • His stage name G.O. was given by Rain and has the meaning of the English word "go", which is to "advance/move forward" (Star Interview 2009; ETN 2009 interview)
Hometown:  Changwon City, South Gyeongsang (Gyeongnam)


Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Singing
  • Dancing
Other known talents:

Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Cooking (Idol Army V Ep. 3)
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):

Ideal Girls:
  • Feminine (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Actress Park Siyeon, who seems aloof but has very good personality (OBS Interview)
Other Trivia:
  • Known for his beard and moustache upon debut, actually calls himself "Mr. Facial hair" (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009 interview).  Also has a hairy chest and legs (AoS Ep. 5; Idol Army V Ep. 1). Has said his role is being the band's moustache (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Joon thinks G.O.'s body looks better than his but hides it.  G.O. is conscious about his body/chest hair (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec 2009)
  • Other Blaquies would consider him a rival because of his talent/s if he did not belong in MBLAQ (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Have always wanted to be a singer, entered numerous singing competitions where he came in first or second place (Art of Seduction Ep. 1).
  • Admitted he was a bad singer at first but improved due to constant practice (Star Interview 2009)
  • First debuted in 2007 as a member of co-ed trio, Tykeys (ETN Interview 2009).
  • American R&B singer Eric Benet is his favorite.  He often chooses to sing Eric Benet songs (Star Interview 2009)
  • Admires novelist Lee Oisoo (AoS Ep. 1)
  • A fan of S. Korean singer Ivy (Ivy Back Dec 2009)
  • Likes to wear hoodies - with the hood up (AoS, Sesame Player).
  • Admits he's the Blaquie whose charismatic personality onstage is the most different from his real personality. He likes to fool around a lot (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec 2009).
  • Although he is a joker/prankster, he is more likely to follow the rules than Seungho (AoS Ep. 4).
  • Likes to joke about his costumes having feathers: People have called him a chicken (AoS Ep. 4); If you collect all the feathers that fall off his costume, you'll have one whole chicken (AoS Ep. 5); One side has less feathers than the other (Backstage @ Hanyeong's 2009 Rock U Show); Has joked in the This Is War photoshoot that he would fly.
  • His head tilts back a 90 degrees angle when he falls asleep and can touch his back, he bought a back supporter to fix the habit (Pops in Seould Dec. 2009).
  • Likes to play video games.  Has been caught playing videogames with Cheondung behind the scenes (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec 2009).
  • Often says "sorry" after making a lame joke (Showbiz Extra Dec 2009, ETN Interview 2009).
  • Likes to shout one-word exclamation phrases: "Wah!", "Yah!", "Wow!" (Ivy Back 2009)
  • Sometimes called "Appa" by Cheondung (IA5 Ep 1)

Note:  This page is a work in progress

MBLAQ's Lee Joon

Stage name:  Lee Joon 이준
  • He was already using Joon when he was filming "Ninja Assassin" in 2008, mainly because the foreigners found it hard to pronounce Changsun (ETN 2009 Interview)
Real first name:  Chang-Sun 창선
Real surname: Lee 이

Birthday:  February 7, 1988
Western zodiac sign:  Aquarius
Eastern zodiac sign:  Cat
Blood Type: A

Role in MBLAQ:  Vocalist, Main dancer

MBLAQ stories:
  • Failed auditions numerous times before going to J. Tune.  He went to his audition without any preparation. (Art of Seduction, Ep. 1).  Auditioned on January 2008 ( news Sep. 2009) at the suggestion of Jae-Hyo.
  • Did not think he belonged in a boyband (he wanted to be an actor), or that he could sing.  Rain thought otherwise.
  • The second to become a J. Tune Camp trainee among the Blaquies, right after Seungho (ETN Interview 2009)

  • College: A junior at Korea Art University, majoring in Modern Dance, before dropping out to become an actor/idol
  • High School: Seoul Arts High School
Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Modern dance
  • Ballet
  • Acting
    • his movie acting debut was in the 2009 Hollywood film "Ninja Assassin"
Other known talents: 
  • comedy - Joon is often invited to appear in variety shows.
  • ice skating (Idol Army V Ep. 3)
Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Working out
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • Joon is friends with fellow Best Nine "ulzzangs" and FNC trainees Ahn Jaehyo (Block B) Jung Yonghwa (C.N. Blue)
    • When Jaehyo became a J. Tune trainee, he suggested that Lee Joon audition as well.  Jaehyo would later leave J. Tune Entertainment to join Cube Entertainment, but an injury prevented him from debuting as part of Beast. Joon later encouraged Jaehyo to audition for Block B.  Interesting to note: both Joon & Jaehyo like Pikachu & have the reputation of taking the least showers in their group. 
    • Joon claims credit for turning Yonghwa from Busan guy to Seoul guy (Strong Heart May 2012).
  • Friends with Shinee's Jonghyun and Onew
Ideal Girls:
  • Sincere and nice; the most important thing is personality (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009).
Other Trivia:
  • Real interests are acting and dancing (AoS Ep.1)
  • Admires actor Lee Byung-hun (AoS Ep. 1)
  • Most timid, easily peeved Blaquie; if he gets hurt, he takes it to heart and does not easily forget (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Other Blaquies think Joon gets the most fan girls (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Likes girl groups Fin.K.L., f(x); likes Mariah Carey (Star Interview 2009)
  • The most obvious "Blood Type A" amongst MBLAQ members according to Seungho (AoS, Ep. 1).
  • According to G.O., Joon is not normally talkative (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Likes to rap (AoS Ep. 3; Hello Baby) 
  • Loves to eat almost as much as Seungho (AoS Ep4, Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009, God of Cookery)
  • Known for his enviable muscles, and his "honey abs" (AoS Ep. 5).  Didn't realize showing his abs in their "Oh Yeah" performance would create a positive, sensational reaction - he initially worried people would curse at him (Showbiz Extra Dec 2009)
  • Describes himself as dirty, timid and always flashing the body (OBS Interview 2009)
  • Probably the most chic in MBLAQ, and very 4th dimensional, according to G.O. (Star Interview 2009)
  • Throws stuff when annoyed (AoS Ep. 2; Star Interview 2009)
  • Considered the feminine one by other Blaquies.  According to Seungho, he's always conscious about his looks even if they're only practicing (AoS, Ep. 2).
  • Work out junkie (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • MBLAQ member who washes the least
    • Mir: Joon does not take showers; 
    • G.O.: Joon should take more showers (AoS Ep. 4); Joon would work out then sleep without taking a shower (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009).
    • Other Blaquies have joked he's low maintenance because he doesn't shower often(AoS Ep. 5).  Finishes his shower in 2 minutes (AoS Ep. 5).   
    • Would fall asleep with his make-up/stage clothes on (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec. 2009). Seungho would wake up to find Joon asleep looking the way he was onstage the previous day (OBS Interview 2009).
    • Joon: he bathes last, when everyone has fallen asleep (Star Interview 2009); he brushes his teeth everyday and takes off his make-up, but admits he doesn't always wash his hair (OBS Interview 2009)
  • Voted by other members as the one with the most "exposure" (OBS intervire 2009)
  • Clumsy on camera (Star Interview 2009)
  • Often introduced as the actor who played the teenage version of Rain in the Hollywood movie, "Ninja Assassin".
  • Wanted to have been included in the press conferences and introductions for the "Ninja Assassin" movie (Star Interview 2009).
  • Loses weight because of staying up all night/insomnia (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Writes letters as gifts (IA5 Ep. 2)
  • Has ripped his pants/trousers on set doing splits (IA5 Ep. 2).
  • Whines when work becomes too hard (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Finds it hard to hit/hurt Cheondung because he's too pretty (AoS Ep. 1)
  • Would forget Cheondung's name during their first year after debut (AoS Ep. 3; Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009).  Either it was a joke, or because Cheondung joined the group 15 days before debut.
  • Very comfortable doing "aegyo" (IA5 Ep. 2)

  • Note:  This page is a work in progress 

MBLAQ's Cheon Dung

Stage name:  Cheon Dung 천둥
  • means Thunder in English
Real first name:  Sang-Hyun 상현
Real surname:  Park 박

Birthday:  October 7, 1990
Western zodiac sign:  Libra
Eastern zodiac sign:  Horse
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @MBLAQCD

Role in MBLAQ:  Rapper, Dancer

MBLAQ stories:
  • was rejected as J. Tune Camp trainee twice
  • last person to join MBLAQ (ETN Interview 2009); became part of MBLAQ 15 days before debut to replace Kim Sang Bae who left due to health reasons
  • since he joined MBLAQ last and looks younger than his age, Rain would make the mistake of calling him maknae (youngest)
  • had to learn to rap since he was being trained as vocalist in LOEN entertainment; did vocal longer than rap (Star Interview 2009)
  • his voice was not included in MBLAQ's first mini-album
  • the first MBLAQ member he met was G.O., and he wondered if he was a trainee or just a related party because of the moustache (Star interview 2009)
  • got his stage name Cheondung because although he wasn't a good dancer, Rain "shudders" when Cheondung dances (Star interview 2009); people "shiver" when he dances (ETN Interview 2009)  


Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Dancing, Rapping, Singing
  • Speaking English and Filipino (language of the Philippines)
Other known talents:
  • Playing electronic keyboard (Idol Army V Ep. 2)
  • Writing lyrics, composing music

Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Listening to music
  • Writing music and lyrics
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • His oldest sister is 2NE1's Dara Park
    • Mir thinks Dara is a cool older sister because she gives Cheondung a lot of presents (ETN Interview 2009)
    • Cheondung wished he could be as fun as Dara on cam (ETN Interview 2009)
  • His best friend is IU, whom he met during his days as a LOEN trainee
Ideal Girls:
  • Innocent (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Other Trivia:
  • Spent most of his childhood and teen years living in the Philippines.
  • Fond of animals.  He had a pet rabbit in the Philippines.  He adopted a kitten in South Korea.  Most likely to be filmed interacting with animals/pets (Art of Seduction Ep. 3).
  • First Blaquie to be paired with comedienne Jung Joo Ri; has confessed to being her fan (AoS).
  • Loves meat (AoS Ep. 3), specifically top class domestic (S. Korean) beef (AoS Ep. 5).
  • G.O. and Mir think Cheondung pays too much attention on his image management (AoS Ep. 4)
  • Often introduced as Sandara Park's little brother during MBLAQ's debut year.
  • Admits he is a flower boy, which in Korea means "handsome, baby-faced boy" (AoS Ep. 5)
  • Has a head to body ratio of 1:9 (AoS Ep. 5).  In Korea, one category for good looks is head to body ratio.  The golden ratio is 1:8, Cheondung's body proportions have exceeded this.  Joon thought Cheondung would be the most popular Blaquie because he had good proportions and a good looking face (Star Interview 2009).
  • Smelly feet, sweaty hands (Idol Army 5, Ep. 4)
  • Likes American girl group Pussycat Dolls (Star Interview 2009)
  • Admires Rain (Star Interview 2009)
  • In the early days, Cheondung didn't object to the older Blaquies' teasing, because he didn't think doing so would matter because he's younger and couldn't do anything about it (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009).
  • His 2009 goal:  Reach #1 on the Billboard Charts, even if he's 40 or older when he reaches it (Star Interview 2009)
  • Often caught on camera playing video games behind the scenes, sometimes with G.O. (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec 2009); his older sister bought him his video player so he can play when stressed (ETN interview 2009)
  • Likes to mimic the voice of the octopus character in the Dooly cartoon series. Ivy says his normal voice already sounds like the Royal Octopus (Ivy Back 2009; Star Interview 2009)
  • His lower body, wearing blue briefs/"panties", was briefly exposed in Idol Army V Ep. 1 courtesy of Mir 
  • Named his Hello Kitty backpack "Sunja" (IA5 Ep2)
  • Kicks in his sleep (Star Interview 2009)
  • "Inventor" of the "awkward gag", wherein he modified the lyrics of "Oh Yeah", which his team mates would wish he wouldn't do on camera - Seungho confiscated the mike and could not make excuses (Star Interview 2009)
  • Not completely familiar with Korean when they debuted (Star Interview 2009) 

Note:  This page is a work in progress 


Stage name: Mir 미르
  • name refers to a dragon ascending to heaven (Star Interview 2009, ETN Interview 2009)

Real first name:  Chyul-yong 철용(or sometimes spelled Cheolyong)
Real surname:  Bang 방

Birthday:  March 10, 1991
Western zodiac sign:  Pisces
Eastern zodiac sign:  Goat
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @BangMir

Role in MBLAQ:  Main rapper, Maknae (youngest)
  • Sometimes Introduced as MBLAQ's visual leader (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009; Idol Army V Ep. 2)

MBLAQ stories:
  • Calls himself a parachute and has never been praised as a trainee; when he wanted to become an idol, his brother-in-law would rather have him in J. Tune Camp than in another company (Art of Seduction, Ep. 1).  He is a "parachute" because he is the only MBLAQ member who did not go through the process of audition:  his brother-in-law is Jo Dong-won, J. Tune Camp's current CEO and was the company rep when MBLAQ was formed.
  • 3rd member to join MBLAQ (his sister married Jo Dong-Won on August 30, 2008). 
  • Became MBLAQ's maknae 15 days before debut because Sangbae left and his replacement, Cheondung, is older than Mir.
  • The stage name Mir was originally given by Rain to Seungho, Cheolyong was supposed to use a different stage name (Star interview 2009)
Hometown: Jangseong County, South Jeolla (Jeonnam)


Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Rapping and dancing
Other known talents:

Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Collecting foreign-produced albums
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • His oldest sister, Bang Hyo-Sun, is married to J. Tune Camp's CEO: Jo Dong-Won
  • His older sister, Bang Hyo-Jin, is an actress.  Her stage name is Go Eun-Ah
    • Eun-Ah talks a lot and gives Mir advice, but she doesn't give him presents like Dara does to Cheondung, which is why Mir is envious of Cheondung and thinks Dara is a cool older sister; Mir has joked that Eun-Ah would high kick or punch Mir even in front of other people; Has jokingly said it would beneficial to the other Blaquies if he does not introduce Eun-Ah to them (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Close with the other "91-liners" (K-pop Idols born in 1991): Dongwoon (Beast), Key (Shinee), etc.
Ideal Girl/s:
  • Taeyeon of SNSD (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009; Idol Army V Ep. 1)
  • Cute, dress in hip-hop style and follows him around (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Other Trivia:
  • Carries around glasses because of his dry eyes (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Admits that many have told him that he looks like FT Island's Lee Hong-ki (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Has natural smokey eyes (Idol Army V Ep. 1)
  • Looks older than his age, which is another reason people mistake Cheondung as the youngest or maknae in MBLAQ (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Other Blaquies consider him the most improved since debut, mainly because he is a country/farm lad (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Admires Korean-American rapper Tiger JK (AoS Ep. 1).
  • Likes girl group SNSD (Star Interview 2009)
  • Other Blaquies think he would be a comedian if he did not become a K-pop idol; according to Seungho he has no shyness (AoS Ep. 2)
  • The most friendly Blaquie.  He makes friends with everyone around him (AoS Ep. 5).  Claims he has an outgoing personality (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Atmosphere-maker of MBLAQ (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009 interview).
  • Very energetic (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Initially wanted to become an actor before deciding to become a singer (Star Interview 2009)
  • His family was surprised and proud of his debut because they initially thought he can't do it (Star Interview 2009)
  • Proud to be a farmer-dol (he grew up helping in his family's farm).
  • Although the other Blaquies say he is rarely shy in front of other people, his older sister Go Eun Ah has the knack to make him feel embarassed in front of the camera: Eun Ah and fellow actress Chae Min-Seo dared him to shout from the 2nd floor terrace of De Chocolate Coffee in Apgujeong-dong, an upscale shopping district (AoS Ep. 3); Eun Ah gave him a sisterly peck on the lips in Mnet Scandal which received negative reactions from some viewers.
  • Known to fart in front of other people, and his feet smell - reasons why other Blaquies do not enjoy sharing a room with him; Joon calls Mir a pervert because he likes people to smell his fart; has caused a practice shut-down when he took off his shoes; Mir retaliates by saying everyone needs to have custom smell especially in battle, and he will launch a fragrance when he gets rich (AoS Ep. 2).  Claims he can control his fart and release it at a desired time, place and amount (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Has a habit of scratching his body (IA5 Ep 1)
  • Talks in his sleep (Star Interview 2009)
  • Most likely to be filmed chasing a girl. Once to do PR as a penalty (AoS Ep. 3); another time going after a store clerk while grocery shopping (Celebrity Goes to School).
  • Often introduced as Go Eun-Ah's little brother during their debut year.
  • Cheondung thinks Mir looks like "Chucky" when he sticks his tongue out (AoS Ep. 5); likes to make his "Chucky" face (Idol Army V Ep. 1), has said his role in the group is "Chucky" (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Likes to monitor MBLAQ from the internet; leaves the most updates/messages on their fan cafe/his own twitter. 

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