Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shinhwa Broadcast, Season 1 (2012)

Most of the episodes are subbed by Shinhwa Forever. Alternate sources for earlier episodes are Orangebox and Shia & Reagy.  Certain episodes, especially those that have k-pop idol guests, are subbed by the guests' fandom or sites like Kshownow

I give credit to Dramacrazy for being my source of the direct link to most of the videos not subbed by Shinhwa Forever. However, to give credit to the original subbers, I link to their website pages for each episode whenever possible, instead of direct linking the videos. If I retain links to Dramacrazy for a few episodes, it means the website of the original subber has closed, or I couldn't find their website.

Unfortunately, the crackdowns on subber sites may eventually lead to dead links (I think you know the sad feeling of clicking on a link and then realizing the website was shut down). I wish KBS and MBC will continue what they have started on some of their Youtube channels : provide legit english subbed videos. I wish other Korean broadcasters follow suit.

This page is mainly for me to look back at episodes easily. If this list is useful to other people, then I'm glad to have helped :-)

Season 1
The "Channel" series