Friday, August 2, 2013

Mr. Biggs' Pile

En Anglais (par bjmoonice)

Episode 01:  Shooting the program intro.
Episode 02:  Shooting the "hyde" album cover.
Episode 03:  Ceci photo shoot; and the special mission
Episode 04:  The boys attempt to cook dinner
Episode 05:  Dinner and dalgona making contest
Episode 06:  Cleaning up after dinner; and appreciation segment
Episode 07:  Berry picking and Sweet Potato planting
Episode 08:  Continuation of the day at the farms
Episode 09:  Last cut of the farm mission.  Start of the ranking game.
Episode 10:  Continuation of the ranking game
Episode 11:  End of the ranking game they don't want to play again.
Episode 12:  Final Episode - Revisiting previous episodes