Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MBLAQ 엠블랙 Members: Pre-debut

  1. Seungho 승호 (Yang Seung Ho 양승호)
  2. G.O. 지오 (Jung Byung Hee 정병희)
    • Tykeys 타이키즈 (pronounced tai kiz)
      • 3-member R &B group under TY Entertainment
      • Debuted Feb. 27, 2007, disbanded shortly after
      • Byung Hee's stage name was Jang Goon 장군, he was a vocalist.  The other members were Soo (female, leader, vocal) and Hyun Jeong (male, rap)
      • TY Project No. 1: Tykeys Vol. 1 (released Mar. 12, 2007)
      • Lee Jung, Soo, and Jang Goon cover of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You"
        • 2007 (?): Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter (KBS2) performance: Youtube clip from xXrockinaznXx
        • SBS Radio show (w/o Lee Jung): Youtube clip from blaqBerry2010
        • Home video: Youtube clip from mgoon
      • Star King (SBS)
        • Sep. 15, 2009: 
  3. Lee Joon 이준 (Lee Chang Sun 이창선) 
    • Nivea Lip Care CF
  4. Cheondung 천둥 (Park Sang Hyun 박상현)
    • Loen Entertainment trainee
      • "MIA" a.k.a. "Lost Child" music video
        • I.U.; Lost and Found Album
        • Re-uploaded by Loen Ent. in 2011
        • Park Sanghyun acts in the music video
        • The Making of MIA on Youtube via WeheartIU:
      • Jun. 12(?), 2009: Sorry Sorry - Guitar/acoustic version of Super Junior's song by I.U. w/ Park Sanghyun (Video re-uploaded to Youtube by Loen Ent. in 2011)
      • Jun. 09(?), 2009: Lies - Guitar/acoustic version of Big Bang's song by I.U. w/ Park Sanghyun (Video re-uploaded to Youtube by Loen Ent. in 2011)
  5. Mir 미르 (Bang Cheol Yong 방철용)
  6. Kim Sang Bae
  7. J. Tune Camp Trainees
    • 2009 Six To Five Spring/Summer collection photoshoot 
      • Joon is one of the models
      • December 2008: Youtube video from agentpaulette (Joon appears briefly)
      • Six To Five Cyworld: Go to "STF Showroom", click "STF Catalogue"
      • Styleguide - Season Guide (When SixToFive was renamed Rainbox, it moved to which redirects to this page.  It looks like the site was in the process of being overhauled as the links point to pages that contain Six To Five content)
    • Mar. 19, 2009: Rain's Camp