Tuesday, June 26, 2012

YTF Network

  1. Chon, Justin
    • Works often with: Kevin Wu
    • Actor.  Most known for appearances in Disney channel movies and the Twilight movies
    • Youtube channel: justinchon
  2. Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix
  3. Froderman, Lauren
    • Works often with: D-trix
    • Dancer. Winner of "So You Think You Can Dance Season 7". D-trix's girlfriend.
    • Youtube channel: laurenfrodie
  4. Fujiyoshi, Sean
    • Works often with: Ryan Higa
    • Ryan's childhood friend, appeared in most of the early nigahiga videos.  Took a break from appearing in nigahiga skits when he attended college.
    • Youtube channel: Fujiboi
  5. Hughes, Justin James
  6. J.REYEZ (Justin Cho)
    • Hangs out often with:  J. R. Aquino
    • Rapper, songwriter, producer, director.
    • Youtube channels: J.REYEZ, J.REYEZ VLOGS
  7. Lange, Andy
    • Works often with: Chester See
    • Singer, songwriter, producer, arranges music for Chester See, YTF projects, occasionally in comedy skits
    • Youtube channel: Andy Lange Music
  8. McKissack, Lana
    • Works often with: Chester See
    • Actress, producer, vocalist.  Appeared in a lot of Chester's early videos of song covers.  Appears in some YTF videos.
    • Youtube channel: Lana McKissack
  9. Moore, Nathan
    • Works often with: Chester See
    • Actor, writer, producer.  Lana Mckissack's fiance.
    • Youtube channel: nathanmoore904
  10. Puspos, Brian
    • Works often with: J. R. Aquino
    • Dancer, choreographer; former member of SoReal Cru, current member of The ArchiTeks, Mos Wanted Crew, and Kubscouts; occasionally does song covers with J.R.A.
    • Youtube channels: bburna, BrianPuspos, PusposTV
  11. Quest Crew
    • Works often with: Victor and D-trix
    • Victor and D-trix were part of this dance crew when it became winner of "America's Best Dance Crew Season 3".  D-trix left the crew in 2010.
    • Youtube channels: aaadfhhlnrsv, Official QUEST CREW Channel
  12. Randomly Imperfect
  13. Safaei, Justin
    • Works often with: Chester See
    • Cinematographer, who sometimes end up being in the YTF videos himself
    • Youtube channel: Justin Safaei
  14. Stale Bread
    • Works often with: D-trix
    • Dancers from Stepboys Crew doing comedy
    • Youtube channel: staleBREADtv
  15. Wong Fu Productions
  16. The ArchiTEKS
    • Hangs out often with: J. R. Aquino
    • Mostly comprised of dancers from SoReal Cru
    • Youtube Channel:  The ArchiTEKS
  17. The Brothers Riedell
  18. Traphik a.k.a. TimothyDeLaGhetto (Tim Chantarangsu)
  19. UpRock Audio
    • Works often with: D-trix
    • Recording studio where D-trix recorded some of his rap covers
    • Youtube channel: UpRock Audio
  20. YOMYOMF Network