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Stage name: Mir 미르
  • name refers to a dragon ascending to heaven (Star Interview 2009, ETN Interview 2009)

Real first name:  Chyul-yong 철용(or sometimes spelled Cheolyong)
Real surname:  Bang 방

Birthday:  March 10, 1991
Western zodiac sign:  Pisces
Eastern zodiac sign:  Goat
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @BangMir

Role in MBLAQ:  Main rapper, Maknae (youngest)
  • Sometimes Introduced as MBLAQ's visual leader (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009; Idol Army V Ep. 2)

MBLAQ stories:
  • Calls himself a parachute and has never been praised as a trainee; when he wanted to become an idol, his brother-in-law would rather have him in J. Tune Camp than in another company (Art of Seduction, Ep. 1).  He is a "parachute" because he is the only MBLAQ member who did not go through the process of audition:  his brother-in-law is Jo Dong-won, J. Tune Camp's current CEO and was the company rep when MBLAQ was formed.
  • 3rd member to join MBLAQ (his sister married Jo Dong-Won on August 30, 2008). 
  • Became MBLAQ's maknae 15 days before debut because Sangbae left and his replacement, Cheondung, is older than Mir.
  • The stage name Mir was originally given by Rain to Seungho, Cheolyong was supposed to use a different stage name (Star interview 2009)
Hometown: Jangseong County, South Jeolla (Jeonnam)


Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Rapping and dancing
Other known talents:

Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Collecting foreign-produced albums
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • His oldest sister, Bang Hyo-Sun, is married to J. Tune Camp's CEO: Jo Dong-Won
  • His older sister, Bang Hyo-Jin, is an actress.  Her stage name is Go Eun-Ah
    • Eun-Ah talks a lot and gives Mir advice, but she doesn't give him presents like Dara does to Cheondung, which is why Mir is envious of Cheondung and thinks Dara is a cool older sister; Mir has joked that Eun-Ah would high kick or punch Mir even in front of other people; Has jokingly said it would beneficial to the other Blaquies if he does not introduce Eun-Ah to them (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Close with the other "91-liners" (K-pop Idols born in 1991): Dongwoon (Beast), Key (Shinee), etc.
Ideal Girl/s:
  • Taeyeon of SNSD (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009; Idol Army V Ep. 1)
  • Cute, dress in hip-hop style and follows him around (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Other Trivia:
  • Carries around glasses because of his dry eyes (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Admits that many have told him that he looks like FT Island's Lee Hong-ki (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Has natural smokey eyes (Idol Army V Ep. 1)
  • Looks older than his age, which is another reason people mistake Cheondung as the youngest or maknae in MBLAQ (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Other Blaquies consider him the most improved since debut, mainly because he is a country/farm lad (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Admires Korean-American rapper Tiger JK (AoS Ep. 1).
  • Likes girl group SNSD (Star Interview 2009)
  • Other Blaquies think he would be a comedian if he did not become a K-pop idol; according to Seungho he has no shyness (AoS Ep. 2)
  • The most friendly Blaquie.  He makes friends with everyone around him (AoS Ep. 5).  Claims he has an outgoing personality (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Atmosphere-maker of MBLAQ (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009 interview).
  • Very energetic (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Initially wanted to become an actor before deciding to become a singer (Star Interview 2009)
  • His family was surprised and proud of his debut because they initially thought he can't do it (Star Interview 2009)
  • Proud to be a farmer-dol (he grew up helping in his family's farm).
  • Although the other Blaquies say he is rarely shy in front of other people, his older sister Go Eun Ah has the knack to make him feel embarassed in front of the camera: Eun Ah and fellow actress Chae Min-Seo dared him to shout from the 2nd floor terrace of De Chocolate Coffee in Apgujeong-dong, an upscale shopping district (AoS Ep. 3); Eun Ah gave him a sisterly peck on the lips in Mnet Scandal which received negative reactions from some viewers.
  • Known to fart in front of other people, and his feet smell - reasons why other Blaquies do not enjoy sharing a room with him; Joon calls Mir a pervert because he likes people to smell his fart; has caused a practice shut-down when he took off his shoes; Mir retaliates by saying everyone needs to have custom smell especially in battle, and he will launch a fragrance when he gets rich (AoS Ep. 2).  Claims he can control his fart and release it at a desired time, place and amount (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Has a habit of scratching his body (IA5 Ep 1)
  • Talks in his sleep (Star Interview 2009)
  • Most likely to be filmed chasing a girl. Once to do PR as a penalty (AoS Ep. 3); another time going after a store clerk while grocery shopping (Celebrity Goes to School).
  • Often introduced as Go Eun-Ah's little brother during their debut year.
  • Cheondung thinks Mir looks like "Chucky" when he sticks his tongue out (AoS Ep. 5); likes to make his "Chucky" face (Idol Army V Ep. 1), has said his role in the group is "Chucky" (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Likes to monitor MBLAQ from the internet; leaves the most updates/messages on their fan cafe/his own twitter. 

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