Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MBLAQ's Cheon Dung

Stage name:  Cheon Dung 천둥
  • means Thunder in English
Real first name:  Sang-Hyun 상현
Real surname:  Park 박

Birthday:  October 7, 1990
Western zodiac sign:  Libra
Eastern zodiac sign:  Horse
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @MBLAQCD

Role in MBLAQ:  Rapper, Dancer

MBLAQ stories:
  • was rejected as J. Tune Camp trainee twice
  • last person to join MBLAQ (ETN Interview 2009); became part of MBLAQ 15 days before debut to replace Kim Sang Bae who left due to health reasons
  • since he joined MBLAQ last and looks younger than his age, Rain would make the mistake of calling him maknae (youngest)
  • had to learn to rap since he was being trained as vocalist in LOEN entertainment; did vocal longer than rap (Star Interview 2009)
  • his voice was not included in MBLAQ's first mini-album
  • the first MBLAQ member he met was G.O., and he wondered if he was a trainee or just a related party because of the moustache (Star interview 2009)
  • got his stage name Cheondung because although he wasn't a good dancer, Rain "shudders" when Cheondung dances (Star interview 2009); people "shiver" when he dances (ETN Interview 2009)  


Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Dancing, Rapping, Singing
  • Speaking English and Filipino (language of the Philippines)
Other known talents:
  • Playing electronic keyboard (Idol Army V Ep. 2)
  • Writing lyrics, composing music

Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Listening to music
  • Writing music and lyrics
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • His oldest sister is 2NE1's Dara Park
    • Mir thinks Dara is a cool older sister because she gives Cheondung a lot of presents (ETN Interview 2009)
    • Cheondung wished he could be as fun as Dara on cam (ETN Interview 2009)
  • His best friend is IU, whom he met during his days as a LOEN trainee
Ideal Girls:
  • Innocent (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Other Trivia:
  • Spent most of his childhood and teen years living in the Philippines.
  • Fond of animals.  He had a pet rabbit in the Philippines.  He adopted a kitten in South Korea.  Most likely to be filmed interacting with animals/pets (Art of Seduction Ep. 3).
  • First Blaquie to be paired with comedienne Jung Joo Ri; has confessed to being her fan (AoS).
  • Loves meat (AoS Ep. 3), specifically top class domestic (S. Korean) beef (AoS Ep. 5).
  • G.O. and Mir think Cheondung pays too much attention on his image management (AoS Ep. 4)
  • Often introduced as Sandara Park's little brother during MBLAQ's debut year.
  • Admits he is a flower boy, which in Korea means "handsome, baby-faced boy" (AoS Ep. 5)
  • Has a head to body ratio of 1:9 (AoS Ep. 5).  In Korea, one category for good looks is head to body ratio.  The golden ratio is 1:8, Cheondung's body proportions have exceeded this.  Joon thought Cheondung would be the most popular Blaquie because he had good proportions and a good looking face (Star Interview 2009).
  • Smelly feet, sweaty hands (Idol Army 5, Ep. 4)
  • Likes American girl group Pussycat Dolls (Star Interview 2009)
  • Admires Rain (Star Interview 2009)
  • In the early days, Cheondung didn't object to the older Blaquies' teasing, because he didn't think doing so would matter because he's younger and couldn't do anything about it (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009).
  • His 2009 goal:  Reach #1 on the Billboard Charts, even if he's 40 or older when he reaches it (Star Interview 2009)
  • Often caught on camera playing video games behind the scenes, sometimes with G.O. (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec 2009); his older sister bought him his video player so he can play when stressed (ETN interview 2009)
  • Likes to mimic the voice of the octopus character in the Dooly cartoon series. Ivy says his normal voice already sounds like the Royal Octopus (Ivy Back 2009; Star Interview 2009)
  • His lower body, wearing blue briefs/"panties", was briefly exposed in Idol Army V Ep. 1 courtesy of Mir 
  • Named his Hello Kitty backpack "Sunja" (IA5 Ep2)
  • Kicks in his sleep (Star Interview 2009)
  • "Inventor" of the "awkward gag", wherein he modified the lyrics of "Oh Yeah", which his team mates would wish he wouldn't do on camera - Seungho confiscated the mike and could not make excuses (Star Interview 2009)
  • Not completely familiar with Korean when they debuted (Star Interview 2009) 

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