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MBLAQ's Lee Joon

Stage name:  Lee Joon 이준
  • He was already using Joon when he was filming "Ninja Assassin" in 2008, mainly because the foreigners found it hard to pronounce Changsun (ETN 2009 Interview)
Real first name:  Chang-Sun 창선
Real surname: Lee 이

Birthday:  February 7, 1988
Western zodiac sign:  Aquarius
Eastern zodiac sign:  Cat
Blood Type: A

Role in MBLAQ:  Vocalist, Main dancer

MBLAQ stories:
  • Failed auditions numerous times before going to J. Tune.  He went to his audition without any preparation. (Art of Seduction, Ep. 1).  Auditioned on January 2008 ( news Sep. 2009) at the suggestion of Jae-Hyo.
  • Did not think he belonged in a boyband (he wanted to be an actor), or that he could sing.  Rain thought otherwise.
  • The second to become a J. Tune Camp trainee among the Blaquies, right after Seungho (ETN Interview 2009)

  • College: A junior at Korea Art University, majoring in Modern Dance, before dropping out to become an actor/idol
  • High School: Seoul Arts High School
Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:
  • Modern dance
  • Ballet
  • Acting
    • his movie acting debut was in the 2009 Hollywood film "Ninja Assassin"
Other known talents: 
  • comedy - Joon is often invited to appear in variety shows.
  • ice skating (Idol Army V Ep. 3)
Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website:
  • Working out
Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • Joon is friends with fellow Best Nine "ulzzangs" and FNC trainees Ahn Jaehyo (Block B) Jung Yonghwa (C.N. Blue)
    • When Jaehyo became a J. Tune trainee, he suggested that Lee Joon audition as well.  Jaehyo would later leave J. Tune Entertainment to join Cube Entertainment, but an injury prevented him from debuting as part of Beast. Joon later encouraged Jaehyo to audition for Block B.  Interesting to note: both Joon & Jaehyo like Pikachu & have the reputation of taking the least showers in their group. 
    • Joon claims credit for turning Yonghwa from Busan guy to Seoul guy (Strong Heart May 2012).
  • Friends with Shinee's Jonghyun and Onew
Ideal Girls:
  • Sincere and nice; the most important thing is personality (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009).
Other Trivia:
  • Real interests are acting and dancing (AoS Ep.1)
  • Admires actor Lee Byung-hun (AoS Ep. 1)
  • Most timid, easily peeved Blaquie; if he gets hurt, he takes it to heart and does not easily forget (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Other Blaquies think Joon gets the most fan girls (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Likes girl groups Fin.K.L., f(x); likes Mariah Carey (Star Interview 2009)
  • The most obvious "Blood Type A" amongst MBLAQ members according to Seungho (AoS, Ep. 1).
  • According to G.O., Joon is not normally talkative (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Likes to rap (AoS Ep. 3; Hello Baby) 
  • Loves to eat almost as much as Seungho (AoS Ep4, Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009, God of Cookery)
  • Known for his enviable muscles, and his "honey abs" (AoS Ep. 5).  Didn't realize showing his abs in their "Oh Yeah" performance would create a positive, sensational reaction - he initially worried people would curse at him (Showbiz Extra Dec 2009)
  • Describes himself as dirty, timid and always flashing the body (OBS Interview 2009)
  • Probably the most chic in MBLAQ, and very 4th dimensional, according to G.O. (Star Interview 2009)
  • Throws stuff when annoyed (AoS Ep. 2; Star Interview 2009)
  • Considered the feminine one by other Blaquies.  According to Seungho, he's always conscious about his looks even if they're only practicing (AoS, Ep. 2).
  • Work out junkie (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • MBLAQ member who washes the least
    • Mir: Joon does not take showers; 
    • G.O.: Joon should take more showers (AoS Ep. 4); Joon would work out then sleep without taking a shower (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009).
    • Other Blaquies have joked he's low maintenance because he doesn't shower often(AoS Ep. 5).  Finishes his shower in 2 minutes (AoS Ep. 5).   
    • Would fall asleep with his make-up/stage clothes on (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra Dec. 2009). Seungho would wake up to find Joon asleep looking the way he was onstage the previous day (OBS Interview 2009).
    • Joon: he bathes last, when everyone has fallen asleep (Star Interview 2009); he brushes his teeth everyday and takes off his make-up, but admits he doesn't always wash his hair (OBS Interview 2009)
  • Voted by other members as the one with the most "exposure" (OBS intervire 2009)
  • Clumsy on camera (Star Interview 2009)
  • Often introduced as the actor who played the teenage version of Rain in the Hollywood movie, "Ninja Assassin".
  • Wanted to have been included in the press conferences and introductions for the "Ninja Assassin" movie (Star Interview 2009).
  • Loses weight because of staying up all night/insomnia (Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
  • Writes letters as gifts (IA5 Ep. 2)
  • Has ripped his pants/trousers on set doing splits (IA5 Ep. 2).
  • Whines when work becomes too hard (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Finds it hard to hit/hurt Cheondung because he's too pretty (AoS Ep. 1)
  • Would forget Cheondung's name during their first year after debut (AoS Ep. 3; Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009).  Either it was a joke, or because Cheondung joined the group 15 days before debut.
  • Very comfortable doing "aegyo" (IA5 Ep. 2)

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