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MBLAQ's Seungho

Stage name: Seungho 승호

Real first name:  Seung-Ho 승호
Real surname:  Yang 양

Birthday:  October 16, 1987
Western zodiac sign:  Libra
Eastern zodiac sign:  Cat
Blood Type: A

Twitter: @MBLAQSH

Role in MBLAQ:  Leader, Vocalist
  • Calls himself MBLAQ's "enforcer" (Arirang TV: Showbiz Extra, Nov. 2009 interview).
  • Also good in dancing: he often b-boys and does popping/locking on his solo stages
  • Has filled in for Mir's rap parts when Mir couldn't join the group while recuperating from his surgery.
MBLAQ stories:
  • Auditioned for MBLAQ in place of a friend
  • The first to become a J. Tune Camp trainee among the Blaquies, closely followed by Joon (ETN Interview 2009)
  • The oldest in MBLAQ in terms of age, appointed leader by Rain and given responsibilities (Star Interview 2009)
  • Was supposed to use the stage name Mir but debuted using his real name instead (Star Interview 2009).
Hometown:  Anyang City, Gyeonggi (Kyunggi) Province

  • University: Majored in Theatre and Movies (AoS Ep. 1; ETN Interview 2009)
  • Senior High School: Anyang High School of Arts (ETN Interview 2009)
  • Attended private schools in Primary School to Junior High School (ETN Interview, 2009)
  • Elementary school: Minbaeg Elementary School/민백초등학교(Idol Manager Ep.06)
Listed talents on the MBLAQ website:  
  • Gymnastics
  • Playing the piano (Art of Seduction Ep. 5; Idol Army V Ep. 2)
    • Learned to play piano as a kid, has a piano room in his parents' house (AoS Ep. 4)
    • Claims he can play the piano while drinking coffe (AoS Ep. 5).
  • Card magic tricks (AoS Ep. 1; MBC's Lord of the Ring Nov. 2009)
Other known talents:
  • Dancing: particularly b-boy moves, popping and locking
  • Rap
  • Beat-boxing (AoS Ep. 3 & 5)
  • Admits he is good with machines (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009):
    • Joon says Seungho knows everything about machines, he fixes not only computers but electric wires and lights as well
    • He can fix a circuit breaker
  • Has assembled a PC on set (Weekly Idol)
  • Playing the guitar (Ivy Back 2009)
  • Knitting
  • Fixing bicycles
Listed hobbies on the MBLAQ website: 
  • Listening to music
  • Collecting machines

  • Has a younger brother
  • His clan is originally from Cheongju/Ch'ongju  (interesting note: it is said that the ancestor of the Yang clan of Cheongju is the Chinese escort of the bride of 14th. century's King Gongmin).
 Person/s he admires/idolizes:

Celebrity connections/relationships (apart from Rain and other J. Tune Camp talents):
  • Anyang High:
    • Yong Jun-hyung (Beast) was a direct junior from the same major (Star Interview 2009)
    • Park Soyeon (T-ara) was a classmate (Star Interview 2009)
    • Park Gyuri (Kara) was a direct junior (Star Interview 2009) 
  • a

Ideal Girl/s:
  • Actress Jun Ji-hyun (AoS Ep. 1)
  • Honest and easy-going (Pops in Seoul Dec. 2009)
Other Trivia:
  • Has a head to body ratio of 1:8 (AoS Ep. 5).  In Korea, one category for good looks is head to body ratio.  The golden ratio is 1:8. 
  • Has attractive, thick/chubby lips (AoS Ep. 5; Idol Army V Ep. 1).
  • Has a "yakuza" body or fat tummy, has a "happy trail" on his stomach (IA5 Ep1)
  • Fans lovingly call him Panda because of the dark circles/shadows under his eyes.
  • Wanted to be a theater actor in Anyang High, dancing was a hobby/stress reliever and was his first job; realized in university that he liked dancing more, took a leave and auditioned for J. Tune Camp (Star Interview 2009).
  • Performed in plays when he was in university, took jobs as an extra.  He was a piano stand-in who got to say a line in the 2003 KBS show Banolim 1 (AoS, Ep. 1).
  • Gets nervous at the moment before stepping onstage, but not earlier (Backstage @ Hanyeong's 2009 Rock U Show)
  • Likes to wear caps (AoS, Sesame Player)
  • Class captain from primary school (Grade 1), to Junior High, until he graduated Senior High School (AoS, Ep. 1; ETN Interview 2009).
  • Has been doing his "grandpa dance" since episode 1 of AoS (Art of Seduction).
  • Spoke the rule that A+ have adopted : "First important thing is manners! Second is manners! Third is manners!" - (AoS Ep. 3)
  • Well known for his love of food (AoS Ep. 4, God of Cookery, Raising Idols)
  • Uncomfortable doing "aegyo" (IA5 Ep.2)
  • Despite being the leader, he is capable of instigating breaking the rules like sneaking out to eat food with Joon (AoS Ep. 4).
  • Has a tendency to break out into a "rock spirit" scream (AoS Ep. 4)
  • Likes Metallica (Ivy Back 2009).
  • According to G.O.: Seungho as a leader scolds the other Blacquies a lot, he is mischievous, and is a miser when it comes to money (AoS Ep. 4).
  • An "early adapter"; will tend to buy computer parts or gadgets when the group is out shopping, G.O. thinks it's like an illness (Pops In Seoul Dec 2009).
  • He sometimes gets calls to visit people's houses to fix things (Pops In Seoul Dec 2009).
  • MBLAQ member with the worst sleeping habit/s:
    • Falls asleep faster than the other Blaquies (Pops In Seoul Dec. 2009)
    • Snores loudly when he has rhinitis (Star Interview 2009)
    • Grinds his teeth (OBS Interview 2009)

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